Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leopard Moth Fairy

A lady had just emerged in her fresh gown of snowy white, silver circles, iridescent blues, and orange.  Her garments reflected the night sky transforming her into a star.  Her robust body, and delicate robes seem to contradict each other; how could those delicate wings carry such a star and dance in the night sky?  She was in quite a hurry on her way to a midnight ball all topsy-turvy, and blundering in her unpractical dress.  Confident, she rejected all my attempts to help her on her way, or to find a comfortable place to rest.  Rest, she did not need rest.  She had just woken from a long nap under a blanket of leaves in a her protective wrapping, and she was ready to show off her new form.  I wished she would stop, be more careful, and let me take a few more photos of her, but she knew her own desires and there was none who could change her course.  Good bye, sweet beautiful fairy of the night sky, dance, and thanks for bringing your enchantment to my garden.

Here's a link to the wikipedia site for more practical information about the Leopard Moth.