Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doggy Friends

Meet COOPER!  Our dogie friend and neighbor.  

I wrote Coop's name in caps because he's so bouncy, energetic, and Muppet-like!  He's super friendly, and will run up to anyone (dog or human) wanting to play.  Antro and Cooper go round and round the yard with Silly joining the fun, too.  Cooper's faster, more flexible, and springier than Antro, but Antro is heavier and stronger.  It's a fun match.  Cooper's always wanting to play even after Antro has tuckered out.  

I've been playing with our ipad and it can take video.  These doggies are my biggest source of entertainment!

I'm embarrassed by my unconscious use of squeaky, high-pitched voice in this next video, but I thought it might make you laugh so I'm posting it anyways.  Hope you enjoy!