The dogs need their own page!

Antrozous the bat-eared dog is white and black.  Antro's nickname is Bubba.
Motacilla is the smaller brown and white dog.  Motacilla's nickname is Silly.
Cici our newest dog.  Her full name is Cicindela named after the Tiger beetle because she has big eyes and big strong jaws, and she's super fast.  

Fall 2014- We found a fantastic field in which to run!

Cici really loves to run

It turns out that Cici is pretty photogenic
Here we are in a marshy area with grass over our heads.
She loves it can't you see her smile.   The little dogs were completely hidden.
Is Antro smelling the flowers or looking for critters
Well, he is a terrier!

The Girls in the Woods


Doggies in the Snow! I need to get a pic of Antro in the snow!


When we found Cici in June 2012, she was super skinny.
Cici is a sweetie,

But watch out for those jaws! 

Snuggle Dog

Antro's first swim.

Waiting for me.

Motacilla being very attentive.

Calm doggies.

Attack! Attack! Whoopee!

Lots of wonderful smells in our woods.

On the GO!

Hey there, Bubba!


My dogs are my entertainment.

"I have teeth!"


Don't stop scratching!

Motacilla, the puppy, doesn't like the snow! Feb 2011