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I wrote and illustrated, Little Silly's Big Adventure, a children's picture book!  It has been submitted to publishers, waiting to see what they say.  Here's a few illustrations and excerpts for you to enjoy.  Please contact me if you are interested in reading the entire story. 

"Little Silly had never been out of the yard alone before, and she felt brave.  She was able to go where she liked, and stop at each new smell.
  -sniff, sniff, sniff-
She soon lost the butterfly, but found a new friend as a lizard scampered across dry leaves.
  -rustle, rustle, rustle-
The game went deeper into the woods."

"Once the jar was off, Silly realized that she was no longer a Space Dog, but a jungle explorer … so she set off on an expedition searching for the lost City of Doggie Biscuits.  She crept through vines, around large boulders, and between tall reedy plants to reach the edge of a nearby pond.  Silly heard jungle birds squawking, skraw, skraw, skraw; frogs escaping into the pond, kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk; and large insects flying, buzz, buzz, buzz.

  Silly was dreaming of all the biscuits she would eat upon finding the Lost City, when suddenly she froze!  She spotted an Alligator with its black, scaly head floating at the water’s edge.  Silly crouched, ready to leap onto the alligator…
  she barked a loud warning…
    Ruff! Rufff! Rruufffff!
      and sprang!"

Paintings for Friends 2013

Jess, biked to work at ANSC and in Austin Grackles are everywhere!

I gave this painting of a Bull Snake to Adam, a great ANSC volunteer and friend.

Charles got a Painted Bunting, his favorite bird.
The background is map of the Blanco River where he has a cabin. 

Clark and Frances got three Vultures overlooking the TX hill country. Black Vultures and and one Turkey Vulture just like the vultures that Frances takes care of at the Nature Center

Bird Portrait Show 2012


Christmas Present 2012 

2012 Armadillo Costume 

A Mural on our Porch -2008

Good Morning World, A mural I painted on our porch 
when we first moved to Austin in 2008

Yummy coffee a good way to start the morning! 
Sadly, I broke the coffee mug that inspired this mural.
Jacob helped glue it back together and now it's a pencil holder

Details of sailing ants crashing off the table earth with worms below.

A crazy coffee sipping butterfly.


Sonrisa, 2008 Venezuela

Banana tree and house at the Finca Venezuela, 2008
Shore Birds 2010, Also from the 2010
birding trip to the  TX coast.
Warblers of Boy Scout Woods 2010.
A wonderful trip to the TX coast during migration.


Yarnadillo! 2010 

Yarnadillo's First Lesson, 2011

Porch Scene Doodles! from Austin, TX

Garden, Austin TX

A view of my garden from May 2011.
 Can you find the little ceramic monster that Jacob made?

Baby Quilts
Mom and I made a lizard quilt- 2013

A quilt I make for my friend Danielle-2011
It's a blue bird this time! 2013

The sun 2013

A dragonfly 2013