Sunday, April 14, 2013

Minerals Photo Shoot part 2

Mineral Photo Shoot part 2 is me experimenting with a dark background instead of a white background.  Since, several of the minerals that I was photographing last week were light in color some of my pictures seemed to be a little washed out.  I think I was able to get clearer pictures with the dark background, or perhaps I am improving with the more photos I take.  What do you think?  Do you like the pictures from Photo Shoot 1 with a light background or Photo Shoot 2 with a dark background?  There are a few minerals  of which I haven't been able get a good photo so I'll be playing some more this week, and with luck you will get to see Photo Shoot 3 in a few days.

Mineral Photo Shoot 2

The first four minerals were featured in Photo Shoot 1

Magnetite on Dolomite

Diopside and (?) in Calcite

Kyanite and Pyrite (left) and Topaz (right).  I prefer the Topaz picture with the light background.  What do you think?  Leave a comment in the comments section.

The next two minerals were not featured in Photo Shoot 1.

I really like this photo because you can see good crystals of all the ingredients of this specimen.  
From left to right- The black diamond shaped cube is Bornite, and just below the bornite is a blueish cluster of Apatite.  In the center of the photo is a gold pyrite cube, and the white spikes are quartz.

Celestite- The white and lightest blue color of this mineral were too bright with the white background, and you couldn't see the cauliflower-like formation.  But the dark background looks like an arctic landscape.