Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mineral Photo Shoot part 1

I've been playing with my camera, some minerals, and a light box.  I light box allows you to surround a subject in defuse light.  Minerals are the perfect subject for the light box, because they are fairly small, have very interesting surfaces, and some are sparkly.  I'm still working to get better light balance, but I hope you enjoy these gems.

The many colors and forms of minerals are stunning.  It is fun that crystals which are desired for clarity, luster, and color develop in the dark bowels of the earth where no one can see them.  It is also interesting how different combinations of elements lead to a such perfect shapes like the tetrahedral (pictured left) sitting of a bed of pink slivers. In this case, the tetrahedral is a magnetite crystal on a bed of dolomite.  I admire geologist who know all the different forms.

I believe this mineral is Vanadinite, but I am no expert.  Look at those wonderful red hexagons   

The label says Diopside and (?) in Calcite from New York.  I think the blue crystal is diopside. 

 Wulfenite so orange that it looks fake.  This mineral is too soft to be used in jewelry.
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 Topaz, a semi-precious stone, sure does shine.  

Kyanite, pyrite, and quartz.