Friday, April 26, 2013

Mineral Photo Shoot 3

Ankerite (the rhomboidal cube) and
calcite (white spikes) on galena

Here's the last set of mineral photos.  I finally got decent pictures of three minerals that seemed camera shy.  I also found another mineral that I had to photograph because it is incredibly beautiful. Hope you like them!

Bornite aka Peacock Ore

Sphalerite (photo A) 

Sphalerite (photo B)

The next three photos are different sides of the same mineral!  I believe the mineral is Sphalerite, with maybe chalcopyrite, and maybe bornite, but I making big guesses.  

I love the iridescence, but I don't know
what metallic mineral is perched on top. 

Here are the reddish sphalerite crystals, but
I don't know the sugar-like mineral.