Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Notes

Flowers are blooming, birds are migrating, the sun is coming up earlier and getting hotter.  Change is in the air.  Here are some spring notes and photos for you to enjoy.

There are several flowers blooming, but fewer wildflowers than usual because of low amounts of rain received in Austin this winter.  It's fun to see the early bloomers in full dress and the late bloomers getting ready.  

Pink Evening Primrose: some of the prettiest flowers are the ones that come up volunteer.

Texas's Favorite flower; Bluebonnets!
Did you know that they have a pleasant fragrance?

Verbena: This one's wild but I've planted more in the garden.

Winter snapdragons 

I planted Johnny-Jump-Ups again this year, and I hope the variegated Fritillary Butterfly caterpillars come back to eat them.  It's weird to hope the caterpillars eat your plants. 
The Sunflowers are growing and should be blooming by May!

If you are thinking of starting a summer vegetable garden now is the time to put tomato and pepper transplants in the dirt.  You can also start squash, melons, green beans before the temperature gets too hot.  Here's a link to SFC publications on what and when to plant stuff in Austin.  

Some winter veggies, peas and a leek, with zinnia sprouts coming up.  Since Jacob and I are moving this summer we decided not to plant tomatoes and peppers, but it sure feels weird not to be putting them in the dirt.  I'll have a flower garden instead.     
The first winter we were here I planted arugula from Seed Saver Seeds.
Offspring of these plants came up and bloomed.  

Bonsai all leaved out!
Migrating birds are coming through Austin.  I've been lucky to see some warblers, hummingbirds, shorebirds, swallows, and hopefully many more before summer arrives.  Many of our winter ducks have already said 'see ya.' I'll be posting more on bird migration in the next few weeks, but don't forget to keep your binoculars handy.