Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bonsai Alive

I love Bonsai Trees!  I think they are incredibly beautiful, and a rewarding hobby.  Growing a bonsai tree takes patience, planning, and consistency.  The most artful bonsai are well balanced, look and often are old, and tell a story.  

I got my first bonsai tree, a juniper, as a Christmas present in 2009.  

I'm so happy to share that my Chinese Elm is leafing out.  It's coming back to life!  I've been worried all winter because I lost my dwarf holly tree, and almost lost the elm, too.  (I didn't say that I have all the skills for growing bonsai!)  When it cooled off in Austin back in late September, I forgot to continue watering regularly.  The tree dropped all it's leaves, but now all the branches have tiny buds with leaves.

This Elm is a favorite because I started training it as a bonsai in 2010.  I found where someone had run over it with a lawnmower; creating a short stocky tree.  I dug it up, kept it a one gallon tree pot for about a year, and then put it in it's pot in 2011.

Spring 2013
Summer 2012

New life

So Sad, Remember to Water.

This winter I've dug up 2 more trees; a ball acacia-like plant and another elm.  I like to say that I rescued the trees both were growing in the wrong places; one in a pile of dirt in a school yard, and the other in a flower bed.  I see a lot of potential in each of the plants.  

Elm II, Will it Survive?
I've only had Elm II about 3 weeks, and I'm waiting to see if it will survive being dug up and potted. What you can't see is a rock that I've placed the roots around.  When the tree goes into the bonsai pot, the rock and roots will stick up out of the dirt an look really old and Awesome!

Acacia-like Tree

This Acacia looks great, and I think it will be a fun tree.  Since, it is naturally a small plant that often goes through droughts, I think it has a good chance to make it as a bonsai.  

Jacob made all three bonsai pots! Aren't they beautiful!  Half the bonsai is it's pot.  Thanks, my dear.