Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ready or not here comes summer.

We're right in the transition between spring and summer.  It is like a bucket brimming with water; one more tiny drop will send water over the edge.  The cool weather plants are just about done, and the hot weather plants are getting ready.  Last week, was probably the last time until next September that I will make a quiche or other baked item that requires the oven on more than 20 minutes.  (I hope I'm wrong I like using the oven.) The days and night temperatures are just about perfect, and I am enjoying time outside in the sun and shade.  The knowledge that the nice weather won't last long makes it all the sweeter, and I hope you get outside too.

Who's the Summer Garden King?

This guy- He's the big daddy Green Anole, and is about 7 inches long with thick neck muscles, and a beautiful dewlap (I really wanted of picture of him dewlaping, but no luck.)  Long live the king!

Yesterday I pulled down my wall of pea plants.  I enjoyed eating and sharing the sweet veggies with co-workers.  Behind the wall of peas is a row of Zinnias getting ready to bloom and they are happy the sun blocking peas are gone.  I need a lower growing flower to plant in front of the zinnas.  I prefer something I can plant with seeds, and something attractive to bees and butterflies.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

The first sunflowers and Mexican Hat blooms have appeared.  I will have more of these blooms to attract bees, and other pollinators soon.

A few caterpillars are already munching on the passion-vine growing to Gulf Fritillary butterflies before the vine can get up above the sunflower stalks.  Another caterpillar was spotted on my elm tree.  The caterpillar will become a Tawny Emperor Butterfly, unless the Mockingbird finds it for it's hungry chicks.