Monday, May 20, 2013

Austin Bonsai Show

A classic bonsai tree, Juniper,
 in an impressive cascading pose.  
Yesterday, Jacob and I attended the Austin Bonsai Society's show at the Zilker Botanical Garden.  I love my three bonsai trees, and sometimes, okay it's more like often, waste time by looking at bonsai trees online.  So, getting to see approximately 75 beautiful trees in person was wonderful.  I got to see many of the species that are for sale online, but with a small photo I've often wondered what they are really look like.  There were many styles and types of trees represented from indoor to outdoor, flowering, dwarf varieties, and specialty plants.  I wish there was a info card with the trees saying how old it is, if it was sprouted from a seed, or dug up originally, but that's part of the art and mystery of bonsai.

Brazilian Raintree

The show inspired me to seek out answers to how they get the leaves to grow so thick, and other questions which lead me to find this website and blog.  The writer really gives useful instructions that are more detailed than many other bonsai websites that I've tried.

Okay here are some beautiful bonsai from the show!  Which one's my favorite?  It's hard to choose, I like them all!  You can never have too many bonsai!  

Chinese Fig, I love the thick leaves, and over all shape.
Check out those roots!
A dramatic display on lava rock, tells a story.
a hobbit house (the funnest tree!)

TX persimmons, one of my favorite TX trees.  I sprouted two seedlings last year
which makes me wonder how old is this bonsai.  
Japanese maple- classic form for a classic tree

Japanese maple- group planting
Ginko planted in three. 

A Bougainvillea vine in bloom
Fukien tea can be grown indoors
Lantana- a flowering shrub.  I love that someone
saw the bonsai shape in an nontraditional
bonsai plant.   
Neea buxifloia-  I just love the thick, small leaves,
and overall shape.