Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Blog

Today's the one year anniversary of my blog, and I'd like to say 'Hooray!'  I've really enjoyed coming up with ideas each week, and writing and illustrating each post with photographs and sketches.  I'm proud that I have posted at least once per week this year. Thank you all for reading and commenting without you it would be difficult to continue putting in the effort to make interesting articles.  Thank you Jacob, my super husband, for edits, encouragement, and reading each and every post. I look forward to more trips through the woods, activities around the nature center, digging in the dirt, painting, and who knows what else.

Why I like writing my blog...
  1. It's an excuse to take photos, and it makes me want to learn more photography techniques 
  2. I am more thoughtful about what I see
  3. It's way to share the things I do including art, nature activities, gardening...
  4. I've learned of many other bloggers with great sites. 
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