Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunflower Forest

We have a Sunflower Forest for a yard.  This is the second year that the flowers have taken over.  The birds dropped some seeds originally, and now they are well established.  The sunflowers, Helianthus maximiliani, are the wild type of sunflower with seeds too small for humans to eat, but just right for many birds.  It has many 4 inch flowers branching out from a main stalk.  The plants grow to about 8ft tall, and are so thick that you can't walk through them.  Jacob and I really love watching the takeover, and seeing all the birds and insects that are attracted to the flowers.  I also enjoy seeing the flowers as you arrive at our home.  The sunflowers seem to say 'welcome back.'

Welcome to our Sunflower Forest!

The Sunflower People

Catch a kiss

Cross your fingers

Fancy hat

Goldie locks

Those teens and their hair-dos
Some people are just Shy


The Takeover

May 15th 2012

May 26th 2012

June 4th


May 26th