Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lizards in my Yard

I realized  that I have neglected a special group of garden creatures in my weekly articles.  I have focused several posts on birds and photos of insects are throughout the blog, but I haven't mentioned or posted photos of the garden's scaly and slimy residents.  I'm talking about lizards, toads, and snakes! 

Lizards in my Yard
Anna Malcom

Green Anole and sometimes brown
Eyes in active search,
Very still, a branch, until
Sudden movement, snatch a meal.

Six lines and a whiptail,
Fast as all get out,
A blur shoots by, dogs go nuts,
Fake left and zoom right, lose dogs, out of sight.   

Skink of ground and leaf litter,
Wriggly body moves quite fast,
Tiny legs and shiny skin, a shadow,
What did I see? a slip, it’s gone.

Scales spiny, and bark for skin,
Pushups on a trunk, show off,
Robust figure, I want a better look,
Go around the tree, so does it, and a little higher.

I promise to not neglect the Scaly and Amphibious creatures in future blog posts.  I will get some current photos, but for now here are a few of my old favorite pictures of these fun creatures. 

Green Anole

How a Lizard Looks, 2011  
I love seeing toads.  The other day, I had one floating happily in the bird water.  It was all puffed up because the dogs walked by it, but they didn't notice it.

Gulf Coast Toad
This is the one and only snake I've ever found in my yard, a tiny 1.5 inch brown snake.  
Tiny brown snake, there are rolly pollies
in the picture for size comparison!

A coral snake trying to eat a hog-nosed snake
at the Nature Center

Arizona Lizards! photos taken my my love, Jacob.
Gila Monster, from SE AZ, photo by Jacob

Texas Horned Lizard from SE AZ, photo by Jacob