Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Up Close Contest #2

It's been almost 6 months since the last up close contest and I thought  it was time for round two.   

I've cropped some of my photos (Jacob took two of the photos :).  All the photos were taken in Austin, TX, and several have even been in previous posts.  Your job is to name the subject of the photo, and bonus points will be awarded for being as specific as you can.  For added fun, the person who gets the most correct answers will get a prize; a choice between three small watercolor doodles painted by me. Ties will be broken by a random drawing.  Submit you guesses by noon on Friday to my email address anna.c.malcom@gmail.com.  Answers and the winner will be revealed on Friday afternoon!

Good Luck!






Here are the watercolor doodles from which the winner gets to choose!
The pictures are small in size (8.5"X5.5"), but big in fun!

English Cottage

Abbey's Desert