Thursday, January 17, 2013

Foliage Follow-Up

Pam at Digging posts pictures of beautiful foliage to remind us that there's more to plants than just flowers, and that foliage adds to the garden all year long.  I decided to follow her lead with pictures of two of my favorite leafy January plants.  

Two years ago, I fell to temptation and bought a packet of Shasta Daisy seeds.  I realize now that there are many TX natives that would have been better choices, but I'm learning.  The blooms I got last year were pretty scraggly, and quickly over taken by sunflowers.  However, during the winter it's a different story, the daises' bright luscious leaves take center stage all winter when everything else is dull.     

I love my winter lawn of weedy grass and, well, weeds.  It's so soft and sweet just like a carpet.  It dries up just about the time my Elm tree is completely leafed out, and the sunflowers take over.  

What's your January favorite foliage? 
Post a comment or link to your blog/photos.  If you join in with Foliage Follow-Up on your blog please link back to me and Pam in the comments section of our blogs.