Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sprucing up the Flowerbed

Happy New Year!

During my holiday time off from work, I've been in the garden and my front herb/flowerbed is looking splendid.  When we first moved to Austin four years ago, this flowerbed was one of the first areas we planted.  Some of the original plants are still doing well and some have become compost, but its recent face lift will hopefully pay off in the coming year.  

Eighteen Snapdragons will brighten the garden!  Austin's mild winter allows me to grow cool weather flowers.  During the summer the same space will host Zinnas, and Sunflowers.

The rosemary bush in the upper-right corner is one of the plants that I planted four years ago.  I added the mini terrace and a bunch of mulch to help water soak into the soil.  The curvy lines of the terrace make your eyes wonder around the whole flowerbed.  

The bunches of light green/tan sticks leading away from the lower right corner are Mexican Marigold.  The marigold is another original plant, but it needed some attention.  I dug it up, cleaned out dead roots, and moved it away from the rosemary bush so hopefully it will bloom again in the fall.  You can also see some of my garden art: a grouping of three favorite rocks, Jacob's creature, and a homemade ceramic tile/placard.

I like having larger natural items among the plants including logs and rock statues.  Here is a horse head, and a sitting person or monkey.