Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Drawing with String

This winter I took up a new hobby, embroidery, in order to make some Christmas presents and be busy during these super cold winter days.  I found an old embroidery hoop down in the basement, and remembered getting pillowcases that my Grandma Erwin had made for me.  As a kid I was too impatient to complete many sewing projects, but now I think embroidery is fun because it is similar drawing with colorful thread, a needle, and fabric.  I mentioned that I was thinking of getting a kit of pillowcases with a stamped pattern to Jacob to get started.  He said that I could come up with much better designs than anything they'd have as a pattern.  So, I bought plain pillowcases, a washable fabric marker, a bag of embroidery thread of every color, and started doodling.  Of course, by designs are inspired by nature!

The first pillowcase set I made for Jacob and me of our favorite dragonflies and damselflies

My pillowcase is on the left with a Rosette Skimmer, a Halloween Pennant, and an Emerald Green Jewelwing.  Jacob's pillowcase has a Giant Darner (similar to a Green Darner, but an inch longer), a Rosette Skimmer, and a Rubyspot damselfly.

I made my mom and dad Barn Swallow cases.  I drew the birds on paper, cut it out, and traced it onto the case.  

Ansel and Mary Carol (dad and mom Malcom) got garden inspired pillowcases.  

These are Angel Trumpet flowers, brugmansia.  Ansel grows several varieties of the tropical plant in the garden.  They grow taller than people.  Many of them are dug up and put under the house every winter, others are cut down and buried in layers and layers of pine needles and leaves.  The flowers smell wonderful at night.

A hummingbird with Mexican Sage and a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly with purple cone flowers can be seen in the garden during the summer time.