Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Doodle for Creativity

I haven't been taking as many photos lately as I usually do.  It's a combination of not carrying my phone as often since reception is spotty among the blue ridge mountains, and being too absorbed in seeing things that I forget that I have a camera.  I am trying to get some photos together for you to enjoy of our new home, but I hope you enjoy some doodles.  Some of the doodles were done recently and others are a bit old.

I often come up with ideas for paintings while doodling.  I know the free time sketching, scribbling, and sometimes just sitting while waiting for ideas is important to my creativity.  Our busy lives pressure us to be doing stuff every second of the day.  Balancing our responsibilities can make finding time to let creative thoughts bubble up challenging.  Creative ideas seem to come to me the most often when I am outside, being quiet in nature, and sometimes those ideas turn into artwork.

I'd love to hear what helps your creative juices flow?

A Pileated Woodpecker working its way up a branch inspecting every nook and cranny.  
A few mornings ago, I saw several crows walking out in a field beyond the property.
The crows were just on the crest of the hill and looked enormous.  While looking and the crows walking along, I spotted the Pileated in the winter trees.  

Bambam in the garden.  The afternoon sun was lighting up some little unidentified insects.
The insects seemed to be dancing globes of light, perhaps they were fairies!  

Red-shouldered Hawks glide over the yard and me,
squawking and diving as they go

This is a real tree.  I drew its essence as accurately as I could,
but I didn't attempt to make it too detailed with individual leaves and bark textures.