Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 fall paintings

I haven't shared my paintings from 2014, and wanted to share my nature inspired artwork with you. The beginning of 2014 was artistically/creatively consumed by my children's story project in which I wrote and illustrated a story about Silly dog.  You can check out a post about the  children's book here.  I painted over 20 pictures to illustrate the book.  After that project, I really didn't produce many paintings, but played with watercolors making bookmarks, and doodling.  Then summer came with summer camp and the garden and I didn't paint anything!  But after summer camp, I got busy.

I got a super pack of seven 1 ft square canvases because the first thing I painted after summer camp was series of paintings for John and Nicole for their wedding.  The three paintings are of horses that tell a nice story.  I painted the horses in a Native American style which I have always admired.  I fell in love with this earthy iron yellow color.  I would hang the paintings in this order horizontally with a 4 inch space between so the story doesn't get lost.  I always try to tell a story with my paintings.  I don't know if I always succeed, but I the idea of storytelling is important to me.

John and Nicole met while stationed in the Fort Hood 1st Cavalry horse division. They are part of the ceremonial and traditional detachment of mounted cavalry.  The detachment can be seen when troops are deployed from Fort Hood, when the commanders change posts, at parades, and other special events.  You can see a great photo of John in the Rose Bowl parade on the 1st Calvary Horse detachment facebook page  Way to go John!  Oh!, and the white/grey horse is suppose to be John's horse Sweet tea, and the Paint is Nicole's horse Breezy.  :)


The next painting was done for our landlords in Chaplin, John and Doreen Bolduc, who were exceptional.  My conversations with John often strayed to the deer that he feeds in his yard.  Jacob and I also had a tiny herd of two does and a fawn that would clean out the bird feeders every night.  They always froze and stared at me when they were caught in the act.  I enjoyed studying the woods as I walked to make the background look right.

Owl of the Year - Year of the Owl was the only painting that I really did for myself.  Seeing and hearing the Barred Owls in our backyard was a highlight of our year in Chaplin, CT.  Owls are so fantastic!

Lisa got a Red-tailed Hawk over looking the valley in McNeal, AZ for Christmas.  Red-tail Hawks can always be seen sitting on the telephone poles along hwy 181 that runs through the valley where she and my brother, Luke live.  The hawks seem to guard the valley.

Billie got Kangaroo Rats playing at night.  Billie is a veterinary assistant, and I knew she would love a painting of a  fuzzy animal.  I have also heard her describe herself as a desert rat so that's what she got.

I'd love to hear what you think!