Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite photos of 2013

Happy New Year's everybody!  I wasn't going to join the end of the year blog recap club, but I just couldn't help myself after looking at Pam's website Digging, Margarethe at Arizona, Beetles, Bugs, Birds, and more  and Roberta's blog,Growing with Science.

Here are my favorite photos from 2013!

Insect Category

The first three photos are from my June National Pollinator series.  So many insects and arthropods are attracted to Sunflowers. I was really sweating to get those bee photos and I think the first photo below of the Leaf-cutter bee is my best insect photo ever!

I love the delicate feathery white next to the iridescent blue black.  The Leopard Moth is such a beautiful creature

Mineral Shoot-
I enjoyed posting super macro photos of minerals last April.  Not only did I get to get to know the minerals better, but I got to use a light box (photography tool) for the first time.  

Plant Kingdom-
The first 2 photos are from UCONN's greenhouse, and the nest two are from my father-in-law's garden

 A couple more pictures! I can't stop!!!

An Anole photographed my Jacob!

What was your have a favorite photo or blog post?