Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Year Blog Anniversary

Our hunting dog, Antro
Today's the 2nd Anniversary of my blog, Hooray! It's a good excuse to celebrate.  You can eat 2 pieces of chocolate cake, 2 cookies, or/and maybe 2 brownies!  You could have 2 cups of coffee, hot tea, or milk with those sweets!  I hope you are able to do 2 of your favorite things this weekend!

Thank you for reading my blog, I wouldn't be as motivated to write if I didn't know you were reading and enjoying the posts.  We'll see what year three brings as I continue being inspired by nature now in Connecticut!

Here are some silly, snowy, and chilly iphone photos! Hope you have a little celebration of your own.

I made a secret rock garden, and it looks really cool in the snow!

Icicle pop, yum!
Icicles on the house
another view of the secret rock garden