Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Tracks

Following trails in the snow.
I think this is a cat track!
Cici Tracks 

Most of the tracks in our yard are dog tracks (of course!), but there are also lots of deer, squirrel, and bird tracks, plus one set of cat tracks.  My favorite tracks are the cutie little bird tracks.  The deer are very bold coming right into our yard to clean out the bird feeders.  Deer beds were found out behind the house; small ovals of bare ground with hoof prints leading to and fro.  The dogs seem to enjoy running in the the snow, except for Silly.  Silly's four inch long legs are not well suited to 6 inch deep snow, so I've been busy shoveling trails for her, and I am rewarded by happy doggies!

My time of shoveling is rewarded with
waging tails...
And smiling dogs!

My favorite tracks- bird script
Deer track in front of Silly

Squirrel tracks going both directions

Deer bed with scat trail!

A really bad photo through the screen
of this year's fawn going to the bird feeders.
The snow came in about 3 storms over the last two weeks with the result being about 6 inches since some melted in a little rain.  I've experienced snow before; it does snow in Arizona.  The biggest different between AZ snow and CT snow is that in AZ the snow melts and in CT it stays below freezing for days.  It is weird for me to see the snow last for so long.  Also, since it snows a lot here, there are snow plows clearing the roads and everyone still goes to work and school.  In Arizona and Austin, Texas even a little snow shuts the roads down!  However, much to the regret of all the kids and teachers at the local elementary where I've been working, this weekend is bringing temperatures in the 50s and rain.  The result will be a muddy brown Christmas.  So, we have to enjoy the beautiful landscape while it lasts!