Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hodge Podge

Today's post is a hodge podge of different thoughts since one big idea didn't rise to the surface.

Jacob at his PhD defense!
First of all it was Jacob's birthday this week.  Happy Birthday. my sweetie!  I'm so glad to share my life with you: the fun walks, birding trips, days at home, encouragement, and having you to lean on.   I love you!!!  I'm so proud of you for completing your PhD this year, and making everything work with our move to Connecticut.  Thank you for taking care of us.  Since, Jacob is in the deadline of a grant proposal at work, we had a quiet supper and watched Jacob's favorite show Psych.  

Taking a much deserved break after  the big move to Connecticut.
Watching for birds out the window.

Here are some fun pictures from the woods down the hill from the house.  The woods are beautiful, quiet, and filled with amazing trees.  There is a little brook that runs down to Mt Hope River, and since beavers have been doing their work the river is a peaceful place.

down stream Mt. Hope River

up stream

A large oak with half the tree missing. It's been this way a long time,
because there is no branch or even rotten branch on the ground.

You can see all the way up the heart of the tree
with light shining through the holes.

I added a Book Review Page to the blog's home page.  I've started with the latest book that I finished last week, Little Dorrit, and will review more books soon.  If you would like to contribute to the book reviews please email me your thoughts and I will post them.  The links to the pages are located on the top right hand corner of the main blog site.  In case you didn't know, there are also some other fun pages to check out including Things I've Created, My Favorite Field Guides, and Interesting Websites.   I do try to up date the pages once in a while so I would encourage you to check them out every few months!