Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wind Dance

I find that I enjoy breezy days even with messy hair, escaping papers, and occasional sand blasts.  The wind cools, and dries the air; making a humid day much pleasanter.  It muffles the sound of cars, and planes allowing me to focus on the sights before me.  The trees sway and bounce in the wind reminding me that they are alive, not immobile statues.  I often imagine that I am a bird as the wind pushes against me; I could jump into the sky!  I appreciate the feeling of change that the wind brings; a signal of shifting seasons, or a storm to come.  As fall approaches, I hope you are able to enjoy the breeze, and get a show from dancing leaves!

Pleasant videos of dancing leaves set to classical music.

A Waltz!

A Piano Sonatina