Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Bugs

The last few weeks I have been getting some fun photos of butterflies and other things in my yard.  Yesterday, was a particularly lucky day; I was able get some nice photos of five different kinds of butterflies and a beetle that I have never seen before!  My zinnias, Turk's Cap, and passion vine are doing the work of attracting the insects, and I just have to move slow and be patient with the camera.  The Turk's Cap has been blooming all summer attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.  I am planting more of Turk's Cap in shady areas of my yard with the seedlings from my established plants.   I'm so glad I planted the passion vine this Spring.  It is host food to the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly and other tropical butterflies that I wish lived in Austin.  I would recommend planting it in your yard if you live in Austin, but don't be surprised if caterpillars try to eat every leaf, or if the vine sends roots to invade near by flower beds.  My tomatoes and peppers are making a fall crop, and I have my fingers crossed that they will ripen before the first freeze.  My big squash plant (if you stretched all the vines together it could be 25 ft) is finally making large pear shaped fruit, but I've never seen a squash quite like this one.  The friend who gave me the seedling swears the seed came from a cucumber seed packet.  Unfortunately the taste is a little bland; I think it may have to turn into zucchini bread!  Plants and bugs are so much fun!  I feel enriched everyday!

Tawny Emperor and Bumble Flower Beetle

Bumble Flower Beetle and Tawny Emperor


Gulf Fritillary laying an Egg

Gulf Fritillary with an Egg

  Gulf Fritillary Egg 

Border Patch

Border Patch

Fatal Metalmark

Pearl Crescent 

Black Swallowtail

Giant Squash plant!

Anoles running away
Ruby-throated Hummingbird waiting for me
to get away from the flowers!