Monday, October 22, 2012

Bat Quiz

Bat Quiz for Halloween

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought we needed a Bat Quiz. Good Luck!

  1. Bats are in the Chiroptera Order, and Chiroptera means...

  2. Hand Wing
    Old Wing
    Dog Wing
    Night Wing

  3. Different types of bats eat the following except...

  4. Fish
    Dead Meat

  5. There are ___ species of bats in North America

  6. 23

  7. The Flying Fox, the largest bat, can have a wing span of ...

  8. 2 feet
    4 feet
    6 feet
    10 feet

  9. Vampire Bats are found in

  10. Africa
    Creepy old Castles
    Latin and South America
    No were. They don't exist

Thanks for testing your knowledge of a great nocturnal animal.