Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Watching the Seasons Change

Last week, was the last Spring Nature Walk with the St. James Preschoolers.  It is starting to get into the 90s and our afternoon walks are a little too sweaty.  We will start up again in June, but the walks will be in the morning.  Some of the kids who go on Nature Walks will be away during the summer and several will go to another school in the Fall.  I will miss those who do not return.   

We have had fun getting to know our woods this year.  When we started last October, Austin was in an extreme drought.  We could not study flowers or bugs easily because there were so few to be found.  Most of the small weedy plants were brown and crispy.  Our walks have allowed us to watch the rains come, the plants bloom, and the insects fly.  We have also learned to recognize animal sign, listened to birds, met some really old trees, and played some fun games.  Their young eyes are keen to spot hidden caterpillars, and prickly plants.  Seeing the woods through their perspective keeps it new and exciting for me. 

Another change I enjoy seeing is the change in the kids over the three seasons.  The kids are growing faster than the weeds.  Their fresh brains absorb everything, and they are excited to discover the world.  It is rewarding to see the kids become comfortable in the woods.  I hope the kids remember our year, and continue taking nature walks where ever they go. 

Lara, a St. James teacher, lead the walk a few weeks ago allowing me to take a few photos.  We were learning about wildflowers, and made bracelets with tape.  As you can see, we had a great time!  Here's a link to the St. James Episcopal School website.