Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bird Beaks Quiz

Bird Beaks

It's been a while since I've made a quiz. Several of the past blogs have starred birds so here is a bird quiz.
  1. Birds use their bills for

  2. feeding, foraging, digging,
    courtship, nest building, preening
    All of the above plus more!

  3. Which of the following has a seed cracking bill?

  4. Northern Mockingbird
    Northern Cardinal
    Yellow Warbler

  5. Shorebirds have long slender bills to

  6. reach food in the sand and water
    scare away predators from the nest

  7. Which bird does not have a duck bill?

  8. Northern Shoveler
    Blue-wing Teal
    American Coot

  9. A Great Blue Heron's Bill is most like a

  10. a spear
    a pencil
    a hammer

Congratulations! You win!