Friday, May 18, 2012

A bunch of April and May photos

Bug Photos

Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly at the Nature Center on a Mamosa Tree.
The Great Purple Hairstreak is a crazy butterfly.  It has these little hairs on off the back of the wings that look exactly like antenna.  The little 'hairs' move around in the flowers, and there are little circles at the base of the false antenna like a head.  The tree was covered in butterflies, moths, bees, and other insects.  It bloomed for about 2 weeks, and would be a great tree to plant if you want to attract pollinators.

Flower Shaffer Beetle on a Mexican Blanket.  
Beetles are an important pollinator that many people overlook.  However, beetles are often eating the petals as they pollinate making the flowers less attractive to us humans.

Not a Bee, but a Ladybug Beetle on a Bee Balm Flower.

Field of Flowers

Mexican Blanket and Mexican Hat
Bee Balm, and more Mexican Blankers

Unknown pink wispy flower in field of Mexican Blankets

We call our yard The Sunflower Forest!

The sunflowers say 'Welcome home'

How many flowers can you count on this one plant?

Mockingbird with a bug for its babies.  The nest is in our tree!

Female Cardinal eating sunflower seeds
I waited quite a while to snap these pictures of birds that live in our Sunflower Forest.

Hello Antro!

Sunflower forest- looking from under porch

Motacilla in front of the Sunflower Forest
I plan to take more photos of the Sunflower Forest from the same angles as it progresses through the summer.  Stay tuned for more yellow flower fun!