Saturday, September 28, 2013

Road Trip!

Our move-vacation (movation) started a week ago, and so far we've traveled about 1500 miles through 9 states!  We started in the blackland prairie of east Austin, TX, and took the southern route along the gulf coast to Montgomery Alabama to see Jacob's grandpa.  The change in scenery and temperature has been welcoming and fun.

Our three dogs have done well with the long car rides and different surroundings.  Every time they get out of the car they are in a completely new place.

The best way to ride is sleeping!

Cici in TX

Silly in TX

Our first day of travel was a rainy day.  Here we're entering Louisiana on I-10.

 A bayou in LA

Antro looking out over a tall bridge over a delta.

Chin rubs 

On the road

Day 1 finished in Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast.

The sand was wonderful; very soft and white, but I was disappointed in the lack of shells.  I only found one or two clams on a morning walk with the dogs.  There were also killer sand burs so leave your shoes on! 

Antro, Silly, and I almost stepped on a cottonmouth in a lot next to the motel 6 where we spent the night.  

Stretching out after 10 hours in the car  feels so good!  Yeah for dog friendly Motel 6.  

Next up Alabama, Georgia, and Asheville North Carolina.