Monday, August 12, 2013

Naturalist Workshop and Trade Counter Review

As you probably know, I work at the Austin Nature and Science Center in the Naturalist Workshop and Trade Counter.  I am the Trade Counter Lady, and I love my job!  Jacob says that I go to play not work!  I get to talk to kids and adults about the wonders of nature they are finding.  I get to work with dedicated volunteers who love learning new things as much as I do.  I get to meet extremely bright kids who have found a place that rewards their interests in science and natural history.  I know that the Naturalist Workshop is a great place, but it's fun to hear it find that others love it too.  

Charles is at the right hand desk.
Photo from Fun Free in Austin Website, by Katie

Rebecca Trading with the kiddos
Photo from Fun Free in Austin Website, by Katie
Last week, I found a review of the Trade Counter written by Katie on and was pleased to see photographs of volunteers Charles and Rebecca working with kids, a wonderful description of how the Trade program works, and a nice examples of what you can and cannot trade. My favorite part was reading the last sentence, "It was lots of fun, and I'm sure we'll be back. I think it will add an extra layer of excitement to our nature walks in the future as well!"