Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Talented People

I wanted to highlight all the participants and my co-workers at the Austin Nature and Science Center who showed artwork with me this month!  I work with talented people who make the Nature Center a great place.

Julie Bolman is a photographer who captures images on vacation trips.  Julie is a school programs educator, but has also worked at Nature's Way Preschool, at the front desk, and summer camps at the Nature Center.


Ann Martinez took the the first photo at the Vatican, and the second after a flood. Ann will greet you as you arrive at the Nature Center in the visitor pavilion. 

Jessica Gilzow constructed a thought provoking piece called transitions.  Jessica is the Public Programs Coordinator, and is responsible for successful camps, Halloween howl, and many great other programs.

Frances Pfertner displays her love of owls in collage form!  Frances is the senior Wildlife Keeper.  She and her team keep all our animals happy and healthy.


Clark Hancock captures an icy morning and a historical site.  Clark is the Exhibit Coordinator, and gives visitors have a memorable experience without them knowing it!


Anjoli Fry crocheted a spider web inspired wall hanging.  You can find Anjoli at the nature center with 8 kiddos from the preschool during the school year and 12 campers during the summer, and I've never heard her raise her voice, not once. 

Genie Martin painted images involving water with watercolors.  Genie is a School Programs educator during the school year, and the Science Specialist during the summer.  Genie is a source of knowledge and creative ideas for all the staff.