Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reptile quiz

Reptile quiz

A reptile quiz inspired by my post Lizards in my yard. You get 8 questions this time. Have fun!

  1. All reptiles have...

  2. scaly skin
    Body temperatures regulated by the air temperature and
    Eggs with shells
    All of the above

  3. Reptiles live in all regions of the world except...

  4. Pacific islands
    Antarctic and Arctic
    African Savanna
    Mongolian Desert

  5. A basic difference between reptile and amphibian eggs is...

  6. amphibians have lots of eggs and reptiles don't
    reptile eggs have a shell and amphibians don't
    amphibian eggs need to stay warmer than reptile eggs to hatch
    reptile eggs can be eaten by humans and amphibian eggs can not

  7. Lizard pushups and throat flares are an example of what kind of behavior?

  8. attracting prey
    scaring away birds
    mating display
    exercise and fitness

  9. Another name for the cottonmouth snake is

  10. water moccasin
    white mouthed coachwhip
    softy snake

  11. Which kind of snake is known for eating other snakes

  12. Garder Snakes
    Coral Snakes

  13. Which reptile is not a Carnivore?

  14. Cobras
    Gila monsters

  15. Which animal is not a reptile?

  16. T. rex
    Snapping turtle
    Tiger salamander

Thanks for playing.