Monday, March 5, 2012

NAI Conference

Last week, I attended a conference of Interpreters.   The conference was designed to help people who work at nature parks, zoos, and history museums be more effective in reaching people.  I attended several sessions including how to write information signs, working with preschoolers, voice exercises to speak clearly, and designing lessons that appeal to teachers on field trips.  I also got to go behind the scenes at a history museum and see how displays are made and managed.  The conference was fun, and I was encouraged.  

The people at this conference were very passionate and knowledgeable about their sites.  Everyone at the conference genuinely wants to help visitors get the most out of their visits and would like reach more people.  Most of you (blog readers) are either fellow nature center staff, or family and friends who spend hours outdoors.  Most of you are interpreters, too.  You help others including your kids, nephews and nieces, and friends connect to nature.  You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge.  Unfortunately, most of the US population live in cities and people don't spend as much time outdoors.  That is why being an effective interpreter is important.  

Have you been to a really good museum lately?  What did you learn?  What sticks with you about the museum?  How did you connect to the material?  

Broccoli plant with water droplets.  So pretty!