Monday, May 5, 2014

Unroll the Welcome

This is a the first of a series of springy pictures from around the house.  The next few posts will be light on words, but filled with a sample of the beauties I'm seeing around our home.  This series will help me get posts out to you since sitting indoors typing is hard to do when there are blooms, birds, ferns, and other treasures to see.  I hope you are also enjoying sweet weather and nature's show.

There are a number of different types of ferns unrolling their spring welcome!  I have not identified the different species yet.  I admit to being too distracted by colorful flowers, and trees.  However I do enjoy the beauty of these simple plants, and will give them the attention they deserve.

That pine tree-looking thing is a fern.
Jacob has told me several times, but the name will not stick! 

I love mossy rocks, too! 

Moss with lots of spore capsules on a mossy rainy day 

I love the Fibonacci spiral of this frond similar to a nautilus shell.