Friday, February 7, 2014

short rambles

In my last post, I mentioned that more snow was coming, and boy did it.  We now have a little over a foot of snow on the ground.  It comes up just a little lower than the top of my rubber boots which with two pairs of socks are my winter shoes.  I'm guessing the dogs and I won't be out hiking in the woods for a while since it's almost deeper than Silly, and Antro.  Cici is even slowed down a bit and I wouldn't last long trudging through the heavy, thick blanket.  This snow is also wetter and heavier than our last since we also got a bit of sleet with the storm.  The road is also not a super great place to walk the dogs since the salt, used to melt the snow, hurts Silly's feet.  I might try to take Cici out on the road later since I miss my walks.  I didn't notice how much I enjoy my daily exercise, but I'm missing it almost as much as the dogs are.

Well, here are a few pictures from our big snow.  It is pretty!  There are several photos of us digging out trails around the house.  The depth and weight of the snow make it a hard workout.


I can't get enough of bird tracks in the snow.  Shadows of me and the dogs on the snow are fun, but sunset colors and shadows through the trees are beautiful!

James Goodwin State Forest, snow covered Pine Acres Lake