Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Post #100, plus a little snow!

I need to celebrate a little because this is post number 100!  I started this blog on Jan 24, 2012, and with a only few exceptions have posted something every week.  I have enjoyed coming up with things to write about, taking photos, sharing artwork, and highlights from our backyard and life.  I like the creativity that I get to express on this blog.  I have enjoyed these 100 posts inspired by nature, and I hope you have, too.  

***********************************  Hooray!  **************************************

Our first snow in Connecticut!  

Dark-eyed Junco through the window!

Yesterday evening, I received the following email from my good friend, Catherine.

 "Just a quick hello to let you know that I am still so tickled about your adventure in Connecticut   Always learning and connecting with the environment.  What I can hardly wait for is how the dogs respond to the first snow.  What will be their reaction to that white stuff falling on their fur?  Let us know. " 

Well, this morning we got our answer with our first snow.  It was a little sweet snow, a light dusting on the bushes and leaves.  We got less than 1/2 inch between 6 and 11 this morning, and most of it melted as it landed.  The flakes were a descent size up to about a nickel.  I watched the snow cling to leaves and give everything a fuzzy texture.  Snow is so beautiful!  In Austin, TX we got this much snow about 2 times in the five years that Jacob and I lived there!

Silly after the snow.
Most of it has already melted
So, what did the dogs think?  Well, their reaction was a little disappointing.  I imagined the dogs chasing after the flakes, acting very confused, or being crazy.  I even had the ipad camera ready for some video, but they mostly stood around, did their normal squirrel patrol, and were a bit cold even with doggy jackets.  They were very excited when I first opened the door, but it was because Cici saw a deer in the yard as I opened the living room curtains.  When they got outside, Cici ran barking with little dogs in tow to catch the deer, but of course it was long gone.  So what's more exciting to a dog, snow or a deer?! 

I look forward to a blanket of snow that will show animal tracks.  Then, I will be able to have an idea what the dogs are smelling as their tails wag like mad.  It is fun to watch the dogs hunting.  They do work together if one gets on a strong scent.  Antro has a keen nose and likes to investigate under every log.  He is difficult to get off a scent, and will run along hardly lifting his head.  Silly sees things and will alert the other dogs with a bark (often much to my chagrin when it is a cat in someone's yard).  Cici is the fast.  Upon seeing her, someone once said, 'I see you have an athlete.'  Its true, she loves to run.  I think she would have a chance to actually catch a deer.  I enjoy our walks, though I sometimes wish they weren't quite so eager as they pull me along.