Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beautiful Trees

Over the last few weeks I've collected several photos of beautiful winter trees.  I love to see the striking branches, twigs, and bark during the winter.  What's your favorite tree, and what time of year do you love it the most?

An Elm- tall and slender reaching out of a draw

The fallen arm of a massive mesquite surrounded by young elms

Mrs. Bones, a Texas Persimmon Tree, a great tree to plant if you live in Austin.

Mrs. Bones- silvery and knobby bark

The young wobbly girl meets the old solid oak, Little Eliza and Live Oaks 

A tree in the Wildflower Center's new Arboretum 

Pecan forest

Red-bellied Woodpecker works on a hole in an old dead pecan.

I'd love to hear what you think!  What's your favorite tree?