Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Fun

I love making costumes and dressing up for Halloween.  I really don't care about any of the scary stuff of Halloween, but thank goodness for an excuse to look silly and have a little fun.  At the Nature Center, we have an event called Halloween Howl that gives me an opportunity to go costume crazy.  This year I was an Armadillo, and I think it is one of my best costumes.  The past four years I have been an armadillo, a bird, a tree with a nest of cardinals, and a cockroach.  I have to say that the cockroach was pretty fun, too.  I always make my costumes; its the biggest part of the fun.  I made my armadillo hat out of paper mache, and sewed the shell with quilt batting to give it the right shape and then attached the shell to a backpack with safety pins.  A large number of safety pins are usually incorporated into my costumes.  I am going to hang the hat and shell on the wall as a decoration for our apartment.  This time of year with its cooler weather, pumpkins, colored leaves, and costumes is pleasurable.

Too much fun!

Armadillo costume

Paper mache armadillo head 

Me in the Trade Counter Nature Center
Pumpkin impostors!

Big squash! I haven't seen a were-rabbit yet,
but perhaps I should get ready!

Jacob with 3 giant squash!