Monday, April 16, 2012

Minerals Quiz

Minerals Quiz

I am amazed by the minerals that grow in the earth. There are many colors and forms. We had a minerals training on Saturday at the Nature Center. If you went to the training or have studied minerals this is a review. Good Luck!
  1. What is the difference between a mineral and a rock?

  2. A mineral is pretty and a rock is ugly.
    A mineral is valuable and a rock is not.
    A mineral has a definite chemical composition, a rock is a mixture.

  3. Which is not a property of a mineral?

  4. Hardness- Scratch test
    Resonance- The tone a mineral produces
    Color- Crystal color

  5. What is the luster (how light reflects-shininess) of Pyrite (Fool's Gold)?

  6. Glassy

  7. Which of the three choices is the hardest mineral

  8. Quartz

  9. Streak is the

  10. color left after scratching the mineral on a unglazed tile.
    sparks made by hitting a rock with metal.
    way the mineral feels when you rub it with your finger.
Thanks for taking the quiz!