Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've always enjoyed stories of imaginary places, impossible feats, and unusual creatures.  These fictional stories are filled with awe and excitement.  These myths are also filled with magic.  I suppose I am predisposed to find that magic does exist.  I'm not talking about elves, dragons, or fairies.  I'm thinking of moments when time seems to stop because something is so beautiful.  The beauty takes your breath away.  I'm thinking of the times that you stop in amazement of how interesting a creature can be.  Nature casts spells on me.  It makes my heart soar with birds and clouds, shrinks me to the size of a bug, calms me, and excites me.  I am so glad and thankful I live on Planet Earth.  Our animals, rocks, atmosphere, oceans, and ecosystems are so complex, finely tuned, and amazing.

Art is a tiny bit like nature in that it too can be magical.  A painting can draw you in, and make you soar.  Music can change your mood and touch your soul.  Poems can heal hurts.   A goal that I strive for is to create paintings that have magic.  Will every painting contain some magic?  I hope so.  Will every person be touched by every painting?  Of course not.

We all have our favorites.  I find magic by looking for sundogs, mushrooms, flying birds, shiny bugs, tiny delicate flowers, by watching seasons change. One of my favorite artists is Claude Monet.  His water lily paintings are so calm, and beautiful.  The poem The Daffodils by William Wordsworth always makes me happy.

Please share your favorite ways to find magic in nature and/or art.
Tiny plants growing out of a dead log.

A Shiny Ground Beetle
If you enlarge the photo
you can see its shiny purple color!
Two Mushrooms that have sprouted in the last  few days.